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Writer. Editor. Wannabe Stage Mom.

I write about health, parenting, fashion, beauty, TV, celebrities, households and history.

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Smurfs Up: 10 Things From Our Childhood Hollywood Hasn't ...

Read on only if you aren’t a studio exec looking for an unoriginal idea to steal.

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Olivia Pope Blushes! Kerry Washington Says She Can't Keep A Secret

Olivia Pope, fixer of the world, mistress to the president, daughter of some kind of CIA honcho, does not seem like the type to blush easily.

Open uri20140224 25307 1nu53su article

'American Hustle' Talk '70s Body Hair And Comb-Overs | Celebrity ...

'American Hustle' Talk '70s Body Hair And Comb-Over...

Open uri20140224 21737 e9uvyw article

Jennifer Lawrence Is Our Best Friend, Right? | Celebrity Gossip + ...

Jennifer Lawrence Is Our Best Friend, Right? | Cele...

Open uri20140224 11969 17nicp4 article

The Vampire Diaries: A Complete Guide To Every Party In Mystic Falls

The Vampire Diaries: A Complete Guide To Every Part...

Open uri20140224 21737 ijiel2 article

Shia LaBeouf's 'Intense': Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why ...

Shia LaBeouf's 'Intense': Evan Rachel Wood Explains...

Open uri20140224 25307 pcf6xo article

The Craziest (And Worst) Awards Show Outfits Of All Time

If you love watching celebrities making spectacles (and spectacular disasters of themselves) THIS is the most wonderful time of the year

Open uri20140224 12807 10zqs3d article

Golden Globes Funniest Moments: Amy Poehler, Matthew McConaughey, More | Celebrity Gossip + Entertainment News | VH1 Celebrity

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey didn't have all the funniest lines of our favorite boozy awards show --- they shared that honor with Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lawrence and more....

Open uri20140224 12807 1k0szvt article

River Phoenix Was Our Robert Pattinson: Discuss | Celebrity Gossip + Entertainment News | VH1 Celebrity

Perhaps some of you are too young to remember the beauty and heartbreaking talent of River Phoenix. Back in the day, he was like Robert Pattinson x10,000 to...

Open uri20140224 12807 kfdcaz article

Ryan Lochte And Michael Phelps Are Today’s Olympians To Watch, But Please Do Not Make Us Choose Between Them | Celebrity Gossip + Entertainment News | VH1 Celebrity

As much as we love the Olympics, don't worry, VH1 Celebrity is not going to go into the sports-writing business. So if you're looking for a place to find...

Open uri20140224 12807 1k5f0 article

Tom Hardy Raps With His Son, Now Please Give Him All Of The Roles And Awards Already | Celebrity Gossip + Entertainment News | VH1 Celebrity

Ever since I saw him in This Means War back in February, I have been trying to will Hollywood to give Tom Hardy a lot more romantic roles, and really,...

Open uri20140224 12807 s6gfn2 article

New Kate Middleton Bottomless Photo Is Just … Oof | Celebrity Gossip + Entertainment News | VH1 Celebrity

When those first topless pics of Kate Middleton were published earlier this month, we had two reactions --- sympathy for the Duchess of Cambridge for having...

Open uri20140707 8507 e89h23 article

2 Chainz, Gwyneth Paltrow + Other Celeb Chefs Help You Entertain For The Holidays

VH1 tested out cookbooks by Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay, Stanley Tucci, 2 Chainz and Gwyneth Paltrow....

Open uri20140707 8507 xld2iq article

Will You Love North West? 5 Other Celeb Baby Names That Grew On Us

We definitely need a minute to get used to the fact that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their daughter North West. (Especially since we were sure they...

Open uri20140707 8507 1sqjnlb article

Sobering News Of 2013: The Celebrities Who Checked Into Rehab This Year

From Amanda Bynes to Zac Efron, Lindsay Lohan to Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chief Keef to Lamar Odom, these are the famous folks who checked in to kick their nasty habits in 2013....