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I write about health, parenting, fashion, beauty, TV, celebrities, households and history.

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Go Girl Finance

These New Apps Will Make It Easier To Buy From Brands That Support Women

People go out of their way to buy cruelty-free skin products, fair-trade coffee, and free-range chicken. It’s not such a leap to assume they’re also ready and willing to choose businesses based on how they support women.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey #AskELJames Abuse Twitter Hate

Fifty Shades Of Grey #AskELJames Abuse Twitter Hate...

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Jurassic Mistakes: 10 Movies That Fail Science Class

When we watch this summer's blockbusters, we're already prepared to suspend our disbeliefs. Nope, no one would be dumb enough to bring dinosaurs back to life.

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The Busy Girl's Guide to TV Binge-Watching

Between your work, your friends, your love life, and all your other extracurricular passions, do you really have time to sit through 20 hours of that TV show your friends keep raving about?

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The Golden Rules Of Being A Boss, According To Veep's Selina Meyer

We've revisited her tenure as vice president over three seasons and come up with an entire list of golden rules the VP has taught us about being an amazing, effective boss.

Egg freezing article
Go Girl Finance

How Employer-Paid Egg-Freezing Could Help And Hurt Women

When Apple and Facebook announced earlier this week that they are (or will soon be) offering female employees compensation for having their eggs frozen for nonmedical reasons, there was much rejoicing...

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James Brown's Musical Family Tree

The Godfather of Soul, Uncle of Rock ...

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9 Affordable Design Tips to Upgrade Your Space

One day, you’ll be able to furnish and decorate a room from scratch, hire an interior designer, and match your home to a cover of Architectural Digest.

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Unbroken: Louis Zamperini and 10 Other Crazy Stories of Survival

Theirs is just one of several amazing survival stories readers and viewers have loved to hear from the safety of their homes...

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Rihanna Debuts Alexander Wang Fall '15 Platform Boots | Footwear ...

Rihanna Debuts Alexander Wang Fall '15 Platform Boo...

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35 TV Characters Who Deserve A Spinoff

We decided to pick a few fascinating characters from shows both dearly departed and still with us that would make for amazing new spinoffs. They might require time machines to become reality, but they're still pretty fun to imagine.

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10 Inventions Moms Need ASAP

10 Inventions Moms Need ASAP

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Go Girl Finance

8 Reasons to Shop on Black Friday

The ads for Black Friday sales start earlier every year, spurring us into excitement and anxiety over the coming holiday season before we’ve even bought our Halloween candy. The concept of “Friday” gets broader each year too, with Macy’s leading a pack of stores that have announced they will open...

Unsolved murders in history article

8 Chilling Unsolved Murders in History

If you find yourself particularly good at digging up the long-buried truth — and you have a strong stomach — you could take a crack at these famous unsolved murders that have been puzzling professional and amateur detectives for decades and even centuries.

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Aaliyah Movie Inspires Fantasy Casting Meme

For all the (deserved) criticism Lifetime's Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B has received, we have to credit the biopic with causing a flood of creativity on Twitter today. The movie has long been attacked for both its casting (Alexandra Shipp stars, following Zendaya's exit) and for going on...