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Dance Host Promises Flashier Characters, Crazier Outfits

Yes, America, your head is still overflowing with images and sappy tunes from last night's American Idol finale, but Fox is trying its best to stave off those summer-TV blues. That's got to be why the third season of So You Think You Can Dance premieres tonight at 8 pm/ET....

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Please Give a Hand to Arrested's Buster

When last we saw Arrested Development's one-handed mama's boy, Buster Bluth, he'd just discovered that the Army wants to send him to Iraq, despite his loose-seal injury.

Runway's Santino Reveals His Design for Success - Today's News: Our Take |

Runway's Santino Reveals His Design for Success - T...

Busta Rhymes Gets Busted Up!

Busta Rhymes isn't dabbling in movies to add more gangsta glam to his hip-hop lifestyle. Just look at the drab setting of his scenes in Narc, which were filmed in a dirty, hazardous Toronto warehouse in the dead of winter. The 31-year-old star — last seen in Halloween: Resurrection —...

Keira Knightley Has Austen Power

Before there was Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, there was Pride & Prejudice and the legions of loyal readers ready to be up in arms over any damage done to their beloved Jane Austen novel for big or small screens. And no one's more aware of this potential...

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Kal Penn Thanks Kumar for His Most Grown-up Role Ever

Sometimes being a teen-comedy icon is not an obstacle to having a serious acting career. Just ask Kal Penn. In the hearts and minds of a generation, he will forever be known as Kumar from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, but it was a young fan of the...

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Master Shake Spills About the Aqua Teen Film

For those of you who've never seen the Adult Swim cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force, here's the most coherent summary we can come up with: It's about a giant box of fries (Frylock), a giant milkshake (Master Shake) and a wad of meat (Meatwad) who live together in New Jersey,...

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Ethan Suplee Offers a Whiff of My Name Is Earl Scoop

Outside of the occasional threats from vengeful ex-cons and Joy, Randy's had a pretty easy life as his brother's sidekick on My Name Is Earl. But in tonight's special Laugh 'N Sniff episode (8 pm/ET on NBC), the Hickeys have to suck it up and get [Gasp] real jobs. It's...

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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance TV Guide News on

Meet Cancun's Double Trouble

Extroverted identical twins Nicole and Roxanne Frilot fuel male fantasies with their wet T-shirtless performance in The Real Cancun. These Texas Tech sophomores say the folks back home in Albuquerque, N.M., aren't surprised by their wild antics. And if the self-proclaimed reality-TV addicts have their way, we've hardly seen the...

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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance TV Guide News on

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Earl's Jaime Pressly Is Ready to Pop: I've About Had It!

Judging by the way Joy's been carrying on for the past few months on NBC's My Name Is Earl (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), you'd think she'd been pregnant for a year now. Jaime Pressly, who plays the trash-talking, trailer-park diva, herself isn't due until the end of May, and frankly...

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So, You Think You Can Dance? Judge Spills Audition Tips!

Time flies in the world of reality TV, doesn't it? It seems like we were just congratulating Benji Schwimmer (pictured at right) for winning Season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance, and already throngs of ballroom champs, ballerinas, pop 'n lockers, hip-hop divas, lyrical artistes, tap dancers and everyone...

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Beauty and the Geek's New Champs Share the Love

Thanks in part to the nearly universal dislike of one half of their competition, Alan Scooter Zackheim and Megan Hauserman were awarded $250,000 in last week's Beauty and the Geek Season 3 finale. But the Harvard grad from Montana and the Playboy model from Florida don't owe everything to Cecille,...