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Go Girl Finance

These New Apps Will Make It Easier To Buy From Brands That Support Women

People go out of their way to buy cruelty-free skin products, fair-trade coffee, and free-range chicken. It’s not such a leap to assume they’re also ready and willing to choose businesses based on how they support women.

Egg freezing article
Go Girl Finance

How Employer-Paid Egg-Freezing Could Help And Hurt Women

When Apple and Facebook announced earlier this week that they are (or will soon be) offering female employees compensation for having their eggs frozen for nonmedical reasons, there was much rejoicing...

Black friday crop article
Go Girl Finance

8 Reasons to Shop on Black Friday

The ads for Black Friday sales start earlier every year, spurring us into excitement and anxiety over the coming holiday season before we’ve even bought our Halloween candy. The concept of “Friday” gets broader each year too, with Macy’s leading a pack of stores that have announced they will open...

College graduates article
Go Girl Finance

Kimora Lee Simmons Sets A Fabulous Example For Us All With $1 Million Scholarship

Kimora Lee Simmons made headlines last week in a way we’re not quite used to for former supermodels-turned-fashion-moguls/reality-TV stars. She announced to a classroom of 30 students at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York that she was establishing a $1 million scholarship fund in her name. “I’m from...

Chipotle article
Go Girl Finance

Why Chipotle Is Still Winning The Fast Food Wars, and Even Burger Fans Can Benefit

The decision you make about where to spend your lunch break has been the big talk of Wall Street this week. McDonald’s and Chipotle made their earnings announcements on Tuesday, and for the most part, they proved what many have been saying for years: “Fast casual” restaurants like Chipotle, where...

Vacation article
Go Girl Finance

Use Those Vacation Days Now, Or You Might Be Losing More Than You Think

When was the last time you told your boss, “You know, I don’t really need all this money; here’s 1 percent back”? If you didn’t take all of your vacation time for the year, basically you did. Americans handed over 169 million paid days off in 2013 (not counting the...

The economist article
Go Girl Finance

Why Are There No Women On The Economist’s “Most Influential” List?

If you weren’t paying attention to business news last week, you may have missed one more glaring example of sexism in the upper echelons of the economic world. The Economist released its list of the top 25 most influential economists of 2014 (or, actually, of September-December 2014) and there were...

Facebook at work crop article
Go Girl Finance

Facebook At Work? The Pros And Cons Of A Professional Social Network

Anonymous sources told the Financial Times last week that Facebook has been secretly working on a product called Facebook at Work, and it’s currently in the pilot stage at a few companies. It would allow users to interact with colleagues on group pages, post to newsfeeds, share documents, and participate...

Budgeting article
Go Girl Finance

Seven Easy Budget Tips for the Self-Employed

When you leave the mother ship to work for yourself, there are just a few things you might miss. Along with the bad commute and worse coffee, you leave behind that steady paycheck from which a computer in a far off payroll office automatically deducted money for the things you...

3842517 article
Go Girl Finance

The Ultimate GoGirl Reading List: 10 Career And Personal Finance Books We Love

The typical Finance section of your local bookstore is not exactly inviting. Cheesy covers and cheesier titles all promise to solve everyone’s problems and turn you into a millionaire — so how are you supposed to know which one is actually right for you and your goals? Are they all...

Affordable care act article
Go Girl Finance

What You Really Need To Know About Health Insurance And Taxes This Year

Around this time every year, we start hearing the words “open enrollment” all over the place, and our stomachs churn with anxiety. Signing up for health insurance is an obnoxious ordeal full of guesswork (How sick will I really get this year? Do I ever need to use doctors out...

Diy halloween costume article
Go Girl Finance

Cheap and Easy Costumes You Can Make Yourself (Really!)

For some, Halloween is the perfect chance to show off their crafty, creative skills, and they relish spending October making the perfect witty, flattering costume. The rest of us usually find ourselves scrambling in the last week of October to buy something overpriced (generic sexy pirate lady you will never...