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Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Writer. Editor. Wannabe Stage Mom.

I write about health, parenting, fashion, beauty, TV, celebrities, households and history.

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The Busy Girl's Guide to TV Binge-Watching

Between your work, your friends, your love life, and all your other extracurricular passions, do you really have time to sit through 20 hours of that TV show your friends keep raving about?

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Who's Better: Actors as Singers or Singers as Actors? We Break It Down

We gathered data on five recently successful artists and five current movie stars for an apples to oranges comparison.


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Prince harry main article

30 Surprising Facts About Prince Harry

So, we know and love Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales for his adorable ginger looks and the sense of humor that usually carries him through tough times (but backfires every once in a while—hello, Nazi costume?). On the occasion of Harry's 30th birthday, a new biography, Prince Harry:...