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I write about health, parenting, fashion, beauty, TV, celebrities, households and history.

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Unsolved murders in history article

8 Chilling Unsolved Murders in History

If you find yourself particularly good at digging up the long-buried truth — and you have a strong stomach — you could take a crack at these famous unsolved murders that have been puzzling professional and amateur detectives for decades and even centuries.

American flag article

10 Strange But True Facts About the Revolutionary War

For a war about taxes, the American Revolution sure wasn’t boring.

Oregon trail article

What It Was Like on the REAL Oregon Trail? |

Whether you were addicted to The Oregon Trail on your Apple IIc as a kid, got hooked on it on Facebook as an adult, or just have an affinity for old Westerns, you probably think you have an idea of what life was like for our pioneer ancestors who made...

Famous two timers article

Famous Two-Timers: Bigamists, Polygamists, and Secret Families Throughout History |

Not every dig into a family’s past is going to come up with happy discoveries. Witness Kim Cattrall’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? a few years ago, when she found out that after her grandfather disappeared — leaving behind a wife and three daughters — he started...

College article

9 Things They Don't Teach in College Anymore |

Laugh all you want at the courses colleges offer these days on Lady Gaga and zombies — is that really so much less practical than the ancient Greek and Roman would-be scholars had to study in centuries past? Ancestry has a whole collection of school catalogs from the 19th and...

Tennis article

All Work and No Play? No Way! What Our Ancestors Did for Fun |

We have this image in our minds of our ancestors toiling away day and night, struggling to feed their families, fighting wars, discovering new territories, fleeing new enemies. But they did find time for fun, even long before the Industrial Revolution began to add more leisure time to people’s schedules....

Which "Top Model" Male Contestants Share an Ethnicity?

On this season of America’s Next Top Model, host Tyra Banks added a new twist: each of the contestants underwent AncestryDNA genetic testing, along with Tyra herself. When they received the results, they learned that not only are their family backgrounds vastly more diverse than they ever expected but also...

Dna kit 300x300 article

Tyra Banks Gets Surprising DNA Results on 'America's Next Top Model'

On a recent episode of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks turned her reality show into a DNA laboratory. The supermodel/TV mogul and her contestants each went through an AncestryDNA analysis, and the results surprised everyone. Get AncestryDNA Banks confesses that she isn’t the only one who’s been wondering about where...

Dna blue sm article

Tyra Banks Discovers Inspiring Stories In Her Family's Past

Tyra Banks is known for being a top supermodel, a successful talk-show host, and the co-creator and host of America’s Next Top Model. But when she delved into her ancestry on a recent episode of the show, she discovered she’s not the first in her family to make her own...

Mayflower article

Pilgrims' Progress: 7 Celebrities Who Are Mayflower Descendents

Visit any town in Massachusetts for a day, and there’s a good chance someone will point to a big fancy house and say, “That family’s been here since the Mayflower.” But it isn’t just wealthy New Englanders who can claim they’re descended from those first Pilgrims. Not at all. Given...

Lincoln article

If George Clooney Is This Guy's Cousin, Who's In Your Family Tree?

Eloquence, an interest in politics and global affairs, rugged good looks, the ability to connect with crowds — there’s a lot that Abraham Lincoln and George Clooney have in common. But did you know that the 16th president of the United States and the Oscar-winning actor/director/writer/producer/dreamboat also have a common...

Babies article

Switched At Birth: 7 Stories of Triumph Over This Unbelievable Phenomenon

If you or someone you know has had a baby recently, you might have seen nurses carefully check the newborn’s tiny bracelet against his mother’s own cuff, making sure multiple times that the names and codes match up — particularly before it’s time to leave for home. This is not...